Beat the Burnout

Maintaining motivation for grad school is a constant battle. The aspens in my yard just leafed out with an exquisite emerald green. Their flutter in the gentle breeze combines with the scent of vanilla ponderosa pine sap. It’s a cloudless sky and the sun warms my shoulders while I sip on my gourd of mate.
There’s a heatwave this week down in the flats and splitter weather in the forecast for the alpine. Snowmelt is overflowing the drainages and the pasque flowers, shooting stars, and lady slipper orchids are on full display in the meadow.
Michal Looking at Warbonnet
All of a sudden my to-do list doesn’t seem so important anymore. All I care about is sunshine and granite. I want to lose myself to the experience of flowing over rock, drinking from a glacier, breathing crisp pristine air. I’d be a fool to let such beauty be neglected of my appreciation.
The balance of priorities between “real life” and following my bliss has tipped. The call of the mountains moves me. If I don’t obey I may never be able to get back to that pesky to-do list.

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