Alpine Training Gym Part 2: Crack Attack

We promised to show you the alpine training gym in action, so here it is. When Mike built this gym, we both cancelled our gym memberships and began training here regularly. Mike just had surgery to repair his ankle, so he can’t jam with one Continue Reading →

Fat Adapted Athlete: My experience with climbing on the ketogenic diet

Now I don’t know about you but climbing has never struck me as a sport that requires elite levels of endurance, so what’s the draw to the ketogenic diet for me? The dreaded wall. Last summer, after breaking free of a knee injury I started Continue Reading →

Alpine Training Gym Part 1: Building a Crack Machine

Mike and I have been dreaming of building the ultimate training gym for alpine climbing. A couple months ago, Mike put our plan into action. Here we will show you how Mike built an alpine training gym in his bedroom, complete with crack machines, a Continue Reading →

Fat Adapted Athlete: What is the ketogenic diet?

Very low carbohydrate diets have been getting more attention amongst climbers and elite athletes looking for an edge to boost performance. The one question on everyone’s mind: “Can eating a very low carbohydrate diet deliver a performance boost for a predominantly glycolytic sport like climbing?” Continue Reading →