Mike Minson

Mike climbing on the bedMy parents gave me the nickname Tornado as a kid. I have a lot of energy. I climb and trail run a lot and sometimes combine the two. I have a bit of an extreme sense of adventure. I usually have a good time when I get lost and I think that suffering can be fun. I like to push hard and I love dreaming of new ways to challenge myself by things that inspire me. Right now I’m earning a PhD in Biochemistry at CU Boulder while getting outside at every opportunity. I take pretty pictures with a microscope. I’m passionate about fitness and nutrition and figuring out how the body works on all levels of scale.

I’ve been climbing seriously for a little less than a decade. I started out as a boulderer at The Front Climbing Club in Salt Lake City. I’ve since learned to sport and trad climb and I just got into ice climbing this year. I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire of climbing skills and total fitness with the hopes of being able to explore bigger mountains someday.