New Content for Autumn 2016

sublime-buttress-michal-hand-jamsI recently realized that we haven’t written a post since June. Hopefully our readers can forgive us: we have been out climbing every weekend and every available moment, leaving little time for writing between grad school and our passion. We have really pushed ourselves this season, both in terms of endurance, difficulty, and seriousness of routes. I climbed my first Grade V routes, some seriously runout crux pitches, and had my first 12 hr + climbing days. Mike has been crushing it post ankle surgery as well.

Since I can’t possibly write up all of the climbing we have done this summer, here is a synopsis of the highlights. You can expect to see trip reports for a few of these spectacular routes. Let us know if you want to see a trip report for any of these routes!warbonnet-summit-sunset


Long’s Peak

Chasm View Wall: Directissima (10)

The Diamond: The Obelisk (11-)

Loch Vale

Cathedral Wall: Sublime Buttress (11 R)

Wind River Range

Pingora: Northeast Face (8)

Warbonnet: Feather Buttress (10+ R)

Warbonnet: Brown Cow (11)

Lumpy Ridge

Sundance Buttress: Sidetrack (9)

Black Canyon of the Gunnison

SOB Gully: Comic Relief with Lightning Bolt Crack variation (11)

Cruise Gully: Journey Home (10- with 9 R)

Cruise Gully: Scenic Cruise (10+)

SOB Gully: Perfect Art (12)

South Rim: The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors (12+ R)

Aretes: Pound Town (12- R with 11 R/X)

Cruise Gully: Midsummer Night’s Dream (10+/11-)

Cruise Gully: Straight Out The Projects (12+ with 11 R)

Island View: Brown Pants (11 R)


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